Steal my style, with my 3 favorite styling tricks.

As a stylist, I’m constantly having to really think about how to put things together to produce an effective image. And, through this process, I have picked up some easy tricks that don’t require much effort and will always have you looking ready for the gram.

1) Colour Block
This is my number one favorite trick for when I’m feeling lazy and want to find something that looks well thought out and stylish…

Colour block your outfit. Wear all of the same colors and vary the tone and texture for the perfect look. Black is the obvious favorite, as it is slimming and elegant but, I’ve recently been playing around with different shades of nude and red as I feel like those have been pretty ‘on trend’ colors this season, and they look great when color blocking.  

2) Denim on Denim
No, this is not the same as color blocking. Why? Because denim is not a color ladies and gentlemen, it’s so much more than that!

The classic, denim on denim is another go-to. If you can’t find anything to wear, just slap on two denim pieces with a t-shirt, some funky shoes, and a cutesy bag and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Make sure that the pieces are similar colors of denim otherwise, you might turn this potential ‘YAAASS’ moment into a very big styling no-no...


3) Animal Print
Animal print is what I live for!! It is timeless, edgy and of course 100% stylish.

Invest in an animal print faux fur coat, scarf or skirt and match it with anything black, some red lips and you’re ready to rumble. Another way to style animal print is by combining different prints together for a full animal print moment. It is slightly trickier to put together, but play around with some snake, leopard and zebra print and see what you come up with – you will know if it’s working or not… And if you’re not sure, slide into my DM’s and I’ll give you a thumbs up or down.