What's in my wardrobe? #1 Back to Basics... The perfect capsule wardrobe

Every Wednesday I will be posting a piece on ‘What’s in my wardrobe?’, where I will be sharing my wardrobe secrets with you guys. Since it’s the first post, I thought we can go back to basics and discuss the perfect capsule wardrobe.

For most of my life, I have neglected the importance of basics and focused on spending most of my budget on items that are ‘trending’. Since I have been moving around and traveling quite a bit I am slowly realizing that owning 10 stunning jackets doesn’t get you very far when you have a minimal space in your wardrobe or constantly living out of a suitcase…

So, I have tried to get rid of the clutter in my wardrobe and focus on building what is referred to as a “capsule wardrobe”. This usually consists of 10 – 20 items that build the foundation of every outfit you wear. In other words, you basically wouldn’t be able to get dressed without them. So, let’s have a look at what is in my wardrobe!

My capsule wardrobe consists of:

1)    2 X T-Shirts
Don’t underestimate the power of a basic Tee! T-shirts are essential in any wardrobe, as they can be dressed up or down and matched with almost any bottoms. I would stick with black and white as they are the easiest colours to cross style.

2)    1 X Long Sleeve & 1 X Sleeveless Bodysuit
Am I the only one who just cannot live without a body suit?! They are so great for layering and since they are tight fitting always look so flattering. I personally go for ones that don’t have the ‘granny panty’ effect when I wear tight pants, so keep an eye out for bodysuits that are seamless or G-string cut!

3)    1 X Jeans/Denim Pants
Whether skinny’s, mom jeans or bellbottoms are your thing, you need at least one pair of go-to denim in your wardrobe. I have a pair of blue Levi’s and a pair of black skinnies I basically live in. My advice… Buy one good quality pair instead of five pairs of uncomfortable, ill-fitting jeans - you’ll thank me later!

4)    1 X Trousers
I own a pair of stretchy, wide leg pants that I absolutely adore. They are super sophisticated and so comfortable. You can match them with almost any top whether it’s a Tee, a sweater or a crop top and any shoe, depending on the occasion and they will feel and look great. Mine are from Emma Brink Designs (IG: @emmabrinkdesigns), she still has them in stock – so get a pair before they sell out!

5)    1 X Mini Skirt
This might sound daunting, but the length is obviously up to what you feel comfortable with. I personally don’t love skirts, but I do own a high waisted denim skirt which I wear a lot. Look for something that is tighter around the hips/waist and flairs out slightly, it will help if you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable with the length.

6)    1 X Denim Jacket
You just can’t, not have one! A denim jacket is an absolute staple, especially if you want to pull off the denim on denim look that I spoke about in my previous post but also just to wear with almost anything else listed above or below!  

7)    1 X Leather Jacket
You just cannot go wrong with a black leather jacket… I mean, we have seen almost every celebrity and supermodel wear the ‘black leather jacket, white tee and denim’ look and hey, all of those items are already in this list! Look at that, already fitting into Victoria Secrets 2019 line up after all ;)

8)    1 X ¾ or Full-length Coat
Depending the season (obviously) a coat is essential for the colder days and nights. I think a grey coat is an absolute classic as it often breaks the black, white or denim of your other basics but still matches their colour palette.

9)    1 X Sweater &/or 1 X Knit
I personally can’t live without my crop sweaters, but I know some people’s aesthetic is better suited to knits… These are a basic and you won’t be able to live without them!

10)    1 X Set of Loungewear/Athleisure
If you know me you know I spend a lot of time in my active wear, or if we wanna be fancy ‘athleisure’. I lounge around, run errands and exercise all in one outfit because it is just so bloody comfortable and if you choose the right set, stylish!

I really want to try and keep these posts relatively short and sweet and thought I would be able to fit in shoes, but I’m guessing that will have to wait until next week! Please refer to the bottom of this page for notes on different body shapes and let me know if this was helpful in the comments below!

Lots of love

Alexa xx

Each body is DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL, so what works for me might not be what work for you, but here are some notes on how to adapt these capsule items to fit your shape.
-    I have quite a curvy figure and find that tighter fitting clothing and items that emphasize my waist work better for me. Therefore, I will often choose pants and skirts that are higher at the waist and tops and jerseys that are cropped.
-    If you’re tall and have a slimmer figure you can pretty much wear anything (rolls eyes), so mix your capsules with some oversized and fitted items.
-    If you are conscious about your curves and you don’t necessarily want to wear tight fitting clothes, go for options that emphasize the parts of your body that you DO like, for example, your shoulders, or your cleavage instead of your legs and stomach.